Life & Travels

I was born in the beautiful Marseille, southern France in 1992. I started traveling by myself and taking pictures at the age of 16 years old. Since then I lived in five countries, France of course, but also in the United States, in Italy, New Zealand and Mexico. Photography is a very important part of my travels, it is how I interact with parts of the world I don't know. Very often I see people and things that attract my eyes, sometimes I know why, sometimes I don't. If I feel that I can take a photograph, I shoot with my camera, if I can't, I shoot with my eyes. I have a website entirely dedicated to my photography work :

Hopefully everything will soon be only on Stories and Beans.

I speak four languages thanks to my travels, French, English, Italian and Spanish. I visited more than 20 countries, sometimes by myself, sometimes with friends, most of the time alone at first and meeting people along the way.


I finished my master's degree in Anthropology, Sociology and History at l'EHESS in July 2018. My student life has been so fulfilling, I was able to travel a lot, to study in Rome, twice. I have a master's degree in History from La Sapienza and a bachelor's degree in Art History. I also got, in 2016, a diploma in photojournalism from the New York Institute of Photography.

I feel so ready now, thanks to everything I studied, but also thanks to every places I visited and every single person who crossed my path, to be a freelance writter and photographer. I now hope people will enjoy reading my stories and looking at my photographs.

Pour l'instant d'un regard, pour le moment d'une lecture.