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A few days ago I woke up and thought it was time for me to write a bit. It is hard though, to find time and courage to sit down and put some words on a blank sheet (paper or computer… or is it easier if you hold a pen?).

However I want to write, I really want to, I am trying to write a book in my free time, I have the first page, which was pretty easy to get. But what’s next? I never knew if writing was a natural gift or something you can learn… I mean I am sure you can get better at it, learn the basics, and the more you read the more you write (that’s what they say right?). But is there also “something” that you either have or don’t have to write…? And maybe, more importantly, to get people to love what you write. So this will be my “Article 0”, the first one on this Blog, it is not about a trip or a fun story, it is just my first shot at writing for people.

I always had diaries, since I was able to write, and even before, when I was learning how to. I still have the first one I ever had, one sentence is written by me, and one by my mom, who was writing under my dictation. So writing is something I always enjoyed doing. But writing for people? That’s something else right…?

Will you be interested in the words I chose to put down? Will you be touched by some articles you’ll get to read on my blog, amused or intrigued? I remember reading an article in the Times a few weeks ago, a man wrote about a vacation he had with his wife in France, a castle they visited, a wine they tasted, the memories he has of it all. His wife passed away if I remember well, but it wasn’t the main point of the article, he was just telling us a vacation story and sharing a sweet souvenir with his readers. And as I was going through the article, I thought this is what I want to do, write and get people to enjoy my words. Maybe have a break during the day and travel with me through them. And hopefully get a nice feeling out of it, just as I did with this article of the Times. When I was done reading it I cut it out of the newspaper to keep it, I am not sure where it is now, but I know that when I’ll get my hands on it, maybe in a few weeks, or months, or even more who knows, I’ll still very much enjoy reading it. And maybe someday, someone, somewhere in the world, will like one of my articles, get a nice feeling out of its reading and will remember it, or will even, why not, cut it out, to keep it in some lost drawer of the house.

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